SDE/JE Workbook


  • SDE/JE CIVIL Previous Year Questions CIZ Workbook contains all the previous year questions asked in the state engineering examinations of SDE and JE in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.
  • The workbook includes data from more than 50 question papers.
  • Contains 32 tests (subject-wise) with more than 2000+ questions.
  • Includes Technical and Non-Technical sections both.
  • All questions are fully solved with detailed step by step explanations.
  • FREE Demo test paper for all new users.
  • Doubt clearance with CIZ faculty.
  • Also available on mobile app “CIZ Online Study”.
  • 7 different types of analysis reports and comparison with more than 2000 aspirants.
  • Detailed question wise performance analysis of students.
  • Streamline preparation and identification of weak areas.
  • Analysis includes Bar charts, Graphs and pie charts.
  • Dedicated technical support team to resolve issues instantly.
  • User friendly interface.


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Who should take it?

  • If you are aspiring to become SDE or JE in Punjab, Haryana or Himachal Pradesh, this workbook will prove to be your best preparation aid.
  • Remember examinations for the posts of SDE and JE need highly focused approach which can be done only if the students know what type of questions were asked in the previous exams. Knowing exact level of questions and examination pattern always helps in fetching more marks and securing better rank.


Category Students Cost
I For CIZ Students Free
II For Ex-CIZ Students
(course completed before 1 March, 2016)
Rs. 1000 only
III For Non-CIZ Students Rs. 4500 only


Subject No. of Sets
Strength of Materials 2 (A, B)
Environmental Engineering 3 (A, B, C)
Irrigation & Hydrology 1 (A)
Surveying 2 (A, B)
Transportation Engineering 2 (A, B)
Structural Analysis 1 (A)
Geotechnical Engineering 2 (A, B)
Steel Structures 1 (A)
Building Materials + PERT/CPM 3 (A, B, C)
Fluid Mechanics 2 (A, B)
Reinforced Cement Concrete 2 (A, B)
General Knowledge 5 (A, B, C, D, E)
General Aptitude 2 (A, B)
General English 2 (A, B)
Computer Aptitude 1 (A)
General Hindi & Punjabi 1 (A)
Total 32